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Thursday, March 23, 2006
If you're interested in ordering the complete Brain Evolution package, we have 10 copies left at the special price of $297 + shipping! (regular price: $497).

To order, follow this link...

I'll take this notice down when all 10 copies have been sold. We only have those 10 currently available -- the next batch will be produced in April.

If you're new here... READ THIS

Monday, March 06, 2006
If you're new here, here's how to get the most out of this blog...

Brain Evolution has officially entered pre-launch. Already, over 600 people have purchased and are using the Brain Evolution System package to great success.

This blog was created prior to our initial distribution on January 16, 2006. Its purpose was to educate people prior to reserving a copy. Since the reservation period has now passed, that "build-up" is no longer necessary.

However, you can still get a lot out of this blog...

You'll find audio blurbs/calls that describe the Brain Evolution System in depth... snapshots taken on our field recording trips that help illustrate the basis of the Brain Evolution System... and a science presentation by our chief engineer, Michael Kelley, that explains how and why Brain Ev works so well.

Just scroll down the page to find these things!

Over 600 people paid the FULL price, and are now reaping the rewards of using it... however, you've visited at a good time, because we're currently running a $50,000 marketing experiment that PROVES just how effective it is... and allows you to test the system out, FREE of charge.

For more information on the trial and to grab your copy (only 500 slots available), go to...

Science, history, comparisons..

Tuesday, January 10, 2006
G'day folks,

With just six days until the big launch (mark your calendars, guys- Jan 16, 9am EST), this call will be particularly exciting to a lot of you...

Michael Kelley, our in-house binaural engineer and team member on the Brain Ev project has put together an excellent presentation on the science, the history and the benefits of binaural entrainment, which you can listen to right away.

In this audio, you'll also learn about some special techniques that ONLY Brain Evolution is using. If you're curious what makes Brain Ev different (or, better) than the competition, then you'll definitely want to listen in. You'll realize just how far we've gone to bring you the BEST experience possible.

Hi-speed Internet users, hit the PLAY button below

Dial-up users... If you're on a slower Internet connection, it's probably best for you to download the MP3 to your computer and play it from there, otherwise you might experience chops in the audio. To download the MP3, right-click here, select "Save Target As..." and enter a file name... then run after saving

It's about 20 minutes in length. Highly, highly recommended. It will answer a lot of questions.

All the best, -Lee

P.S- How would you like both Michael and myself to coach you through this program? For those who sign-up during the launch, you'll receive privileged access to a private members forum where Michael, Ashley and myself will be around to answer any of your questions, and provide ongoing support for our VIP members (that's you, if you join us from launch).

You'll receive guaranteed access to us any time you need, for the full 6 months of the course... and unlimited, unrestricted access to the community and the private forum thereafter, too. This is a $500 value, and is why you should seriously consider joining us at launch (in future, we're going to offer this service at a premium).

This offer only applies to clients who register their order between 9am EST and 11:59pm on Monday, January 16 2006, and those who have already pre-registered for the course. Stay tuned for more info by email soon...

7 minute sample...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Click the play button below to hear a 7 minute sample of the Brain Evolution System...

Important: You'll need a high-speed connection to listen to this smoothly. Please wait several seconds after you hit "play" for the sound to come through... It may take a while for the sound to buffer.

IF YOU HAVE A SLOWER CONNECTION... use the download link below the play button...

(Note: The quality of this recording is obviously a LOT lower than the finished, polished, fully edited CD version... this is just a sample... it's *not* intended to put you in a state of meditation, just give you a taster of what's to come).

TO DOWNLOAD THE MP3: "right-click here and select "Save Target As..." to download it (then open to listen on your own computer)

Enjoy! -Lee

First look... our field trip...

Thursday, January 05, 2006
Hey guys,

Here's the first peek at the Brain Evolution System...

Okay, okay, it's not Brain Ev itself :-) BUT, it *is* the location where we recorded the first of the natural soundscapes that will form the founding tracks of the course.

So, technically- whilst not on the outside, it's certainly on the INSIDE! ;-)

Our mission:

Find the most gorgeously scenic, perfectly natural spot we could find here in Britain... and deploy our recording equipment to capture the sounds of the environment.

And that's exactly what we found.

In the heart of Derbyshire, in middle England, we found a Peak District National Park known as Dovedale. This place is gorgeous- and PERFECT for what we came for.

The magic of Brain Evolution is in the power of the binaural entrainment maps we've added to the audio (more on the science in the next post...) but the "front" sound - the part you hear, and listen to daily - is those same natural sounds that we captured at this location.

The birds singing... the wind whistling... the trickling streams... the sound of soothing water patterns in distant caves... we wanted to produce the most relaxing, enjoyable, and soothing soundscapes for the "front" tracks to give you - the listener - the best meditation experience possible.

No cheap samples, or mix CDs. We drove around the whole of the country, with a $3,000 portable recording studio to venture and seek out the perfect soundscape environment for later mixing into the tracks.

We needed enough of a sample base to produce six superb tracks... and make each of them inspiring and enjoyable enough for you to look forward to playing each day. Each CD has been designed for 30 sessions, one per day, at 30 minutes each-- so you get the most benefit from this course over a 6 month period.

(Of course, once you reach the end, you can continue to listen to sixth disc over and over... or, you can use each track for 2-4 months before moving on to the next, if you prefer gradual, more definite mind expansion... meaning the course can be stretched out over several years, if you want)

Here's a few more pics Matt, our invisible camera dude, managed to snap...

We located this great little cave... with a perfect soothing distant water drip. The tracks are founded on water sounds (rain, stream, etc)... they provide a soothing, rhythmatic base for the special meditation magic we layer on top.. and its extremely relaxing, too.

I'm on the left, feeding the stereo leads over to Ash. We had to balance on those rocks for 20 minutes straight... we couldn't move a muscle (the recording equipment is extremely sensitive- absolute silence was needed!).

Here's another...

Ash was recording the stream from a tree branch (that's what he tells me-- I think he just enjoys climbing trees).

And a long-shot of one of the streams...

This was one of the field trips...

We also hit beaches, forests, and other natural hot-spots around England with our portable recording system, to snag hours of audio footage to take back to the studio.

This is just what we call the "front end" tracks- i.e. it's the bit you consciously hear and listen when you put the CD in the player, and pop the headphones on. We recorded more than 8 hours of footage, over the course of a week, to have enough of a sample base to mix and match the front tracks...

Michael, our entrainment engineer, started planning the exact audio modification patterns -- i.e. the stuff that we actually need to *do* with the audio once we've got it-- more than 6 months ago.

What do these do?

Quite simply, they give the CDs their magic. Using precise binaural entrainment patterns, the audio is transformed from a relaxing, soothing soundscape.. to one that encourages envolution of the mind by pushing your brain into deep states of meditation.

Remember on the call I mentioned the audio tones played in each ear?

It's a very long and complex process (as I said, these took more than 6 months to design!) and the audio has to be maniuplated just right. Each track takes several weeks to finish, and every element of the soundscape- from a bird whistling, to a bell ringing, has to be precisely engineered so that it works in conjunction with the entrainment model maps.

Thankfully, we've got two full-time engineers on the team to do exactly that... who have designed this program for maximum effect, using a propietary audio technology that will have cost us more than $50,000 to bring to the table.

So, all you need to do - as the listener - is set the CD spinning, lay back and relax... and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

In the next blog post, Michael will be posting a presentation of the science behind the program... so if you're interested in how and why this system works, and what's actually going on in your head when our music is played through those headphones, you'll want to grab this one.

Stay tuned.

All the best, -Lee

Download The MP3 (of the Call)

Monday, January 02, 2006

If you had trouble streaming sound over your connection... or, you simply want a version of the original call that you can listen to in your car, iPod or at your leisure... I've put the call online as an MP3, which you can download right away, and right here...

Right-click here, select "Save Target As" and put it somewhere you'll remember (like the desktop)

Note/Update: On the call, the date January 2005 is mentioned. Note that I meant to say January *2006*. Bear that in mind when you listen!



The Famous Brain Power Call

Thursday, December 22, 2005
Hey guys,

This is the "Brain Power" Call.

If this is your first time here, then I highly suggest you give it a listen. It's about 32 minutes in length (I talk pretty fast, keep up), and will give you a rapid introduction into something we're nicknaming...

The Brain Evolution System

It's something that will...

  • Increase your brain power, dramatically
  • Help rid negative behavior patterns that sap your energy, and push you off track
  • Instill "happiness by design" - be happy, your whole life
  • Banish stress... tension... and destroy fear
  • Reduce your need for sleep, by up to 4 hours per night
  • Enhance your creativity, bust complex problems, and create a "flow" in your life
  • Improve your relationships with everyone... close more deals.. attract the opposite sex
  • And much more

I highly recommend you listen to THIS call if it's your first time here....

HIGH speed cable/DSL users (128kbps or higher connections):

If you have a fast connection, use this one (the sound quality is a little better). Click on the FIRST track first (the one labeled "Benefits"), and it should play through all three automatically.

DIAL-UP users (32.2kbps or higher):

If you have a slow connection, use this one. Click on the FIRST track first (the one labeled "Benefits"), and it should play through all three automatically.

If you need the email address mentioned in the first call, here it is:


All the best,

Lee Benson

Lee Benson. Founder, Elite Inner Circleâ„¢

P.S - Drop me a comment on what you think in the box below! I'd luuurve to hear from you, about anything at all (I'll be monitoring those posts but just remember- your comments are public :-) )